March Favourites

Cream egg donuts from Flour Pot Bakery. Need I say more?


I am truly awful at mini golf, and would avoid it like the plague if I had my way. HOWEVER. Give me glow in the dark fluorescent dinosaurs, and I’m THERE. My score might have been one of the highest they’ve ever seen, but I’d definitely go back to Globalls at Brighton Marina.


Ask literally anyone in Brighton what the best burger is and they’ll say Burger Brothers. Without fail. I FINALLY had my first one this week after hearing soo much about them. And turns out everyone is right. Literally the best burger I’ve ever had.


Yes, yes that is my face. Why am I making that face you ask? A work trip to LazerZone, a photobooth in the corner, a bridge with perfect aim at whoever is in the photobooth. You do the maths.


Not only is the can super nice, I reeeaaally enjoyed this Pale Ale. Would 10/10 recommend drinking while playing Mario Kart.


There is always a huge queue outside Billie’s Cafe. Always. In March I FINALLY got to see what all the fuss was about, and I was not disappointed. Their hash plates are to DIE FOR. Three eggs, cheese, potato and hollandaise sauce? Heaven.


The one and only time I’ve ever laughed at a parking meter.


I am fast becoming obsessed with Borrow My Doggy, particularly with a pooch called Mylo. We took him for a stroll along Brighton beach (he made friends with a Frenchie that looked like a loaf of bread and I nearly cried) and then to our favourite, Bison Beer.

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