Cuttlefish Eco Salon Brighton Review

Two years ago I cut my hair and donated it to the Little Princess Trust. Fast forward to today and my hair has grown SO MUCH and I thought it was about time I donated again.


I decided to look for a hairdresser that is completely cruelty-free as I’ve recently gone cruelty-free in all of the products and cosmetics I use. I walk past Cuttlefish every day on my way to work and twigged they had eco in the name – so I googled it and discovered it’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan and as sustainable as possible. Yay!

Image credit: Cuttlefish Eco Salons

I booked my appointment, arrived and had some serious interior swoons. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL – plants everywhere, retro chairs and big mirrors. It has a great vibe and everyone who works there is super chatty and friendly. I had Vanessa who sectioned my hair into four, plaited it and chopped ‘em off. The longest plait was 13 inches!


I’m going to be donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust again, but as I’d done it before I wasn’t too nervous about going back to a super short bob. It immediately felt more comfortable and manageable (especially in the current heatwave!) but the layers Vanessa added means I still have volume despite my quite thin hair.


Overall I had a great experience – the products they used on my hair smelt INCREDIBLE and I loved knowing they were all cruelty-free and vegan. Everyone was so warm and friendly, I kinda felt like one of the gang haha. If you’re looking for a cruelty-free & eco hairdresser, look no further. Cuttlefish is the one!

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