Globalls Brighton Review

Let me start by saying, I am truly awful at mini-golf.

Last time I went with my partner, I hit the ball so hard it flew across the room and we never managed to find it… but when I heard there was a golf course at Brighton Marina with UV Dinosaurs, I HAD TO GO.


Globalls is in Brighton Marina, tucked away. To be honest, it’s quite hard to spot unless you know where it is. We booked for the Dinosaur course. I booked it on Thursday for Friday, so I guess the middle of summer isn’t peak time. That or it’s not too difficult to get a spot last minute.

It costs £5.50 each for a round and takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour, depending on how slow or fast the people in front of you are!


The courses aren’t TOOOO hard (unless you’re rubbish like me…) and the dinosaurs are great. To be honest, it’s cheap and that’s reflected in the course, but for a fiver, it’s a great little activity for friends, a date or family time. I’d definitely go again!

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