The Lost Boys Chicken at The Joker Brighton Review

Lost Boys Chicken are based in Brighton, and make all their own small batch sauces. They’re based in The Joker, but you can also order on Deliveroo. I’ve wanted to try their stuff for ages after my partner drunkenly Deliveroo-ed their chicken wings and hasn’t stopped going on about them since!

I went for the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with the Wendy sauce – described as ‘calm classic buffalo’. The burger also came with blue and swiss cheese. Holy shit this sauce is good. The amount of chicken in the burger is super generous, and it’s slathered with sauce (most of which ended up all over my face…). I got curly fries on the side, plus we had 10 chicken wings to share. It was a LOT of food… but I thought it was really well priced and you got a decent amount for what you pay.


The buffalo sauce was spicy enough that it hurt my face slightly, but not too spicy that the pain lasted longer than 5 minutes haha. The blue cheese helps balance it out and honestly, it’s worth it! They have the much hotter sauces but I was too scared to even try them, ha.


Overall I thought it was really good value for money and the chicken and sauce were absolutely BANGING. A must try for buffalo lovers. The beer selection at the Joker is pretty good too.

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