Plough and Harrow Pub & The Seven Sisters Country Park

As I don’t usually have a car, exploring some parts of Sussex can be tricky with public transport. This weekend, I rented a car from Enterprise for a wedding on Sunday, so we decided to make the most of it and go for a walk on the Saturday.

We drove over to the Seven Sisters Country Park, having heard lots of good things from people at work. It only took 40 minutes to get there from Brighton, and it was a really beautiful drive! There are two car parks opposite and they’re super cheap, plus you can pay by card.

We opted for the beach walk, which is half an hour and very flat. It’s the easiest of the walks that the map has, and would be well suited for those who want a casual stroll down to the beach like we did. There’s a concrete path which makes it very accessible too. The walk is absolutely beautiful, with meanders, riverbanks and salt marshes.


When you get to the beach, the views of the white cliffs are just breathtaking. I feel very lucky to live just a 40-minute drive away! My head felt so much clearer from the fresh sea air.


After our walk, we went to the Plough and Harrow in Litlington for lunch. We booked ahead, and I’m really glad we did because it was packed.

The decor in the pub is super cute, lots of vintage trinkets and Instagramable corners. We had an accordion on the windowsill beside our table! The bar had a great selection of beers on tap, sadly as the designated driver, I had a diet coke haha.

For food, we both saw moules-frites on the specials menu and just HAD to have it. The food arrived quickly and was such good value for money – it was a huge plate! Plenty of delicious mussels, a big bowl of chips and two pieces of bread. The creamy sauce was to die for!!!


If you’re looking for somewhere to have a bite to eat after a windy walk in the Seven Sisters Country Park, I would 100% recommend the Plough and Harrow. The service was great, food was deeeelish and it has a great atmosphere.

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