Guru Piercing Brighton Review

In the year and a half that I’ve lived in Brighton, I’ve had a whole bunch of piercings done. One, my nose, was at a shop that I won’t name, but I didn’t really enjoy my experience there – despite it being one of the most prominent in Brighton.

When I wanted to get more, I decided to try Guru Piercing and I’m SO GLAD I did. It’s one of the nicest piercing shops I’ve ever been in. To be honest, I’d probably say it’s my favourite ever!

The shop is bang in the middle of the Lanes so it can get quite busy when it comes to walk-ins. However, whenever I’ve gone in for a walk-in, I’ve been seen that same day. Plus, it’s super easy to book online if you want to guarantee being seen.

The selection of jewellery is amazing – from more basic value bits to more expensive high-end pieces. Each time I’ve been, I’ve been pierced by Alex, the head piercer. He’s like the loveliest dude ever, very friendly and chatty which puts you straight at ease. One of my favourite things about Guru is how honest they are – if they don’t think the piercing is suitable to where you want it, they won’t do it. It sounds like a negative but in the long run, it’s a lifesaver. When I was younger I had piercings done at places like Claire’s Accessories who used a gun and totally fucked up my ear or had piercings in places that just didn’t work. So with Alex, I feel like I know I’m getting something in the perfect place where it will heal well. Honesty is the best policy, and it’s what I want from my piercer!

My left ear is significantly more decorated than my right, so I’ll talk you through what I have and my experience with it. First of all, at Guru, I had a third lower lobe on my right ear which I love. I have a silver hoop in there because I’m partial to a jazzy earring in my first hole, I like having three simple hoops in the others. This ear is my less pierced so this third was pretty much the last I’ll get on that one.

Next up, I had my… upper lobe? Haha, I’m not sure exactly what this placement is called – it’s between my lower lobe and my helix on my left ear. I got a little lightning bolt put in and I LOVE IT! I get so many compliments on it. It’s silver and simple and I think it really stands out well against the silver hoops I have in the rest of my ear.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-09 at 6.28.56 PM (1)

The most recent time I went, I got my conch pierced. I originally wanted a rook or a daith piercing, but because of the shape of my ear neither of those were really suitable. I was really grateful that the Guru team was honest with me – rather than getting a piercing that didn’t really work (a rook or daith) I chose the jewellery I wanted, and we talked through different positioning. In the end, we went for a conch. Sitting in the back of my ear, the stud is a little green opal and I think it looks ace. It’s the first bit of colour on my ear and I think it’s super cute.


While my conch heals, I’m already planning my next piercing haha. I have my eye on a opal pink heart for my anti-helix. I will 1000000% be going to Guru – I wouldn’t get pierced anywhere else! If you’re looking for somewhere in Brighton, I honestly couldn’t recommend them more. Find out more about them and book yaself in!

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