The Body Shop Brighton Vegan Event

The Body Shop on Brighton’s North Street very kindly invited me along to their Vegan Event, which I had such a lovely time at!

It began with a talk about the vegan products that Body Shop offer. They’re owned by a Brazilian Vegan company called Natura, and are 100% cruelty free, and always will be! I can’t remember the exact number, but I think it was something like 70% of their products are vegan. The products that aren’t vegan have things like honey in, but no animals are ever harmed in the making of any of the products.

After the talk, we had pizza from Purezza which was INSANE. I’ve never tried it before but I will definitely be going back – I’ve never had such tasty vegan pizza. It was so full of flavour with lots of different, delicious toppings. Yum.

There was a range of pampering treatments available on the night, from facials to makeovers. I went for a hand massage because I’ve never had one before. First, I had to choose a scent. I decided to try the peppermint candy cane because I’m a big fan of minty scents, and I was not disappointed. It honestly smells SO. GOOD. Sometimes minty smells can be quite overpowering and remind me of vapour rub haha, but this is super sweet and warming.


My massage started with the peppermint candy cane scrub, to remove any dead skin from my hands. Then, using some of the hand cream, the lovely woman (who’s name I didn’t catch!) massaged my hands. I’ma need to have another hand massage soon, it was amaaaazing. So relaxing, and my hands smelt soooo good for ages after.


I liked the scent so much, I bought a bottle of the peppermint candy cane bubble bath. I cannot WAIT to have a delicious minty bath of dreams! I had such a lovely evening learning about all the products, thanks so much to The Body Shop Brighton for inviting me! Check out the peppermint products now.

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