Iydea Lunch Review

Ever since I moved to Brighton, I’ve heard my colleagues RAVE about Iydea. It’s only 5 minutes from my office, so I decided today was the perfect day to give it a go!

Iydea describes themselves as great value, quality food fast. They have a large selection of freshly prepared hot and cold meals, served quickly. It’s all vegetarian, made from natural raw ingredients, served in environmentally friendly packaging.

I chose the lunch menu, which means you pick one main dish, two side dishes and two toppings. I went for the Carrot Arancini which sounded a bit strange to me but was absolutely DELICIOUS! The carrot was soft and was perfect in the arancini. It was very unique and tasty, and you get two arancini balls which I thought was great value.


For my sides, I chose Tamari Roasted Wedges and Beetroot Mash. The wedges almost had a sweetness to them, they were so full of flavour. I’m a sucker for anything with beetroot so this mash was a DREAM! So creamy and the perfect accompaniment to the wedges.

I had houmous and sour cream and chive as my toppings. Both complimented the meal perfectly – the sour cream was great with arancini and the houmous with the wedges. Dreamy.


As I had it in a takeaway box back at the office, it’s not very well presented in the photo above, haha! I imagine when you eat it in it’s presented beautifully. This photo doesn’t do the food justice, promise. The lunch cost £6.95 which I thought was extremely good value. I felt super full but not guilty full. Does that make sense? After “fast food” I often feel gross and full in an uncomfortable way. With Iydea, I felt full but of nourishing food. Much nicer. If you’re looking for a quick lunch in Brighton, it’s the place to go.

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