Kouzina, Open Market, Brighton Review

I’m really lucky that my office in Brighton is just a five-minute walk from the Open Market, which means there’s a world of delicious lunches close by!

Today I tried Kouzina for the first time, on the recommendation from everyone at work who says it’s the most delicious lunch, without costing a fortune.


Kouzina is based in the Open Market and serves traditional home cooked Greek food. There’s a range of food on the menu, with vegetarian and vegan options too. There’s pretty much something that would suit everyone.


I went for the veggie mezze platter, which was £5.50. It’s RIDICULOUSLY good value! The plate of food was huge! With hummus, a tasty tomato bean dish, beetroot salad, feta, halloumi and more, served with delicious crispy bread. It was a huge plate of food; you seriously get your money’s worth with this platter.


Afterwards, I felt full, but in a good way if that makes sense? I felt nourished and full of yummy food, rather than sluggish or full in an “I regret eating so much” way. It was the perfect portion size.


The restaurant itself is small but sweet – there are drawings on the walls and shelves full of Greek treats. The staff are absolutely lovely, very friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that even though it’s in the Open Market, it was still fairly warm sat in Kouzina. I imagine in the summer they open up the doors and it’s lovely! I will definitely be going back for lunch again soon – I’ve got my eye on the spanakopita.

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