Beginners Macrame Workshop with Cult Milk Brighton

I would love to do more crafty things, but honestly, I don’t have the drive to get the materials and teach myself. I’m lazy and I need to be taught and pushed otherwise I just won’t do things. At least I’m self-aware ey!

Enter Cult Milk – the perfect way for me to get craftier! Cult Milk is “on a mission to provide an affordable creative workshop for anyone needing a midweek creative pick-me-up”. They offer workshops on everything from nipple tassels to life drawing to lino printing.

I went to the Beginners Macrame Workshop and honestly, it was so much better than I expected! Not that I was expecting it to be bad – more that I was expecting me to be bad at Macrame. More on that later. I went along with a pal but there were lots of people there alone. It was a super friendly group and I’d definitely feel comfortable going along alone in the future.


We learned how to do the basic knots in Macrame – the twist and the flat. The twist was easy because it’s a repetitive pattern. The flat… I found it SO much harder because you have to alternate which way you knot, and I kept forgetting which way I had already done it. Oops.


Amy, who runs Cult Milk, taught us how to add beads, create different styles and how to finish our plant hangers. I literally can’t believe I made this…


Sorry, but how good does that look?! Who knew a Macrame novice could make something that actually looks good! Learning how to do it was at our own pace and in our own style – if you wanted to be handheld or left alone, that’s how you do it. I needed a bit of help at the beginning but by the end, I felt like I could crack on alone. I genuinely think after this I would start Macrame-ing (is that how you say it? Macrame-ing?) at home. It’s sooo relaxing. You can’t really focus on anything else, so my brain felt very calm and it was a great way to unwind. 10/10 would Macrame again.

The workshop cost £10 and included all the materials, plus a drinks discount for the venue. Well worth the money in my opinion! Amy was a wonderful teacher and everyone in the group was friendly and chatty. An excellent way to spend an evening.

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