Withdean Puppy Park

Withdean Puppy Park is a fenced off area of Withdean park – aka the perfect place to walk dogs πŸ™‚

It’s in the middle of Withdean park and is completely fenced off. If you’re teaching recall or just fancy an area that you know they’re fenced into, it’s the perfect place for walkies. If you’re arriving from London Road, it’s at the back of the park. You’ll spot it because it’s a fenced area but there are several entrances so you’ll be able to get in whichever way you’re coming from. If you get lost, I’m sure there’ll be other dog walkers who can happily point you in the right direction.

I don’t actually have my own dog (yet!) but I took Kip, a dog who I walk through Borrow My Doggy. We hung out with a couple of Shiba Inu’s and another Whippet with just one eye. SO. CUTE. Here are the snaps I took!


4 replies to “Withdean Puppy Park

  1. Hi i get my pup soon and after his second lot of injections I want to get him to socialise with other dogs and humans so he can get used to being around other dogs and people . Do you think this is something I could do with him .plus do you all meet up together on a certain day ?


    1. Hey! The puppy park would be perfect for this πŸ™‚ There are lots of other young pups around and owners for yours to meet and play with. I don’t go regularly so I’m not sure but I would assume in the evening there is a steady stream of people there as it is quite popular. Hope this helps!


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