Wriggle’s BYO Lunchbox Campaign

This is a collaborative post with Wriggle but all lunchbox loving opinions are my own.

Wriggle are a wonderful app I have written about a couple of times before on this blog (Dirty Mac @ Idle Hands and Seven Stars) but their latest campaign is one that I’m so excited to be involved with.

They are aiming to aid the ban on single-use plastics by bringing out their own eco-friendly lunchbox! It’s completely BPA free, reusable and high-quality – plus it’s super cute! It’s dishwasher safe too and is just £5! The BYO Lunchbox scheme is encouraging people to take their own lunchboxes to local eateries to cut down on single-use takeaway packaging.


I decided to take mine for its first outing with a Hell’s Kitchen saintly salad box. The lunchbox itself is the perfect size – not too big or small and fits perfectly in my bag. The quality is excellent – you can tell it’s going to last really well, not like the rubbish Tupperware that goes gross after a few uses.

I took my lunchbox to Hell’s Kitchen and errmaagaaaaad the salad is SO. GOOD. The portion size is super generous for just £3.95. I am completely obsessed with the corination chickpeas, they are DIVINE!!!! All of the salads are vegetarian and several are vegan too. Yuuuuum.


Participating eateries will have stickers in the window to let you know that you can go in and fill up your lunchbox. You can grab them on the Wriggle site when you purchase food! I’m really excited to be a part of this campaign, and I will 100% be carrying my lunchbox in my bag to make sure when I grab Wriggle’s on the go, I won’t have to use any single-use plastic.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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