Make a Thing and Food Review at The Hope & Ruin

I’ve been to a couple of the Cult Milk craft classes and I absolutely LOVE them! They are a great way to learn something new, meet lovely people and get the creative juices flowing. I heard that they did a group craft night at The Hope & Ruin called “make a thing” and knew I HAD to try it out.

Make a thing happens every second and last Tuesday of the month at the Hope & Ruin. It’s kinda like a throwback to being a kid and making stuff out of… stuff. There are 3 rounds and all the materials are provided – there’s everything from pipe cleaners to googly eyes to glitter. It’s an arts and crafts DREAM.


Each round you get given a theme and you have to create something. There are beer prizes for the best 3 creations in each round. First up, we had to make a musical instrument. We created a sort of rain shaker which turned out to be kind of lethal when the glitter hearts swung around, but it looked cute and made a good noise!!!


Next up… a sex toy. The pictures of our sexy toy hat are pretty self-explanatory…


Finally, we had to create a festival. Ours KICKED ASS!!!


We won two rounds which meant free beer, WOO! We also tried a load of the food which was EXCELLENT. We had a fair few vegans and veggies in our group so it was ideal to have Beelzebab on hand to ensure we didn’t get hungry while crafting.

I had the Norm dog – a 9″ tofu dog with fried onion, mustard and ketchup. A classic that was totally deeeelish. I’d never had a tofu hot dog before but dayyymnnn it was tasty. I had a side of the Fries-A-Go-Go which was fries with thousand island sauce, vegan cheese and crispy onion. Honestly, they’re the best fries I’ve had in Brighton. The sauces all melt together and with a crunch from the onion, it’s honestly soooo good. Would also recommend the Pengest Poppers which are little seitan nuggets and are SO. TASTY.


Even if you aren’t veggie or vegan you really haaave to try the food. It’s delicious. Plus, if you love a lil crafty evening, make a thing is the event for you. It’s free to attend and I will 100% be going again. See you there!


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