Valentine’s Day in Brighton – Bison Beer, Pompoko & Komedia

Valentine’s Day. VOMIT. I know it’s gross and commercialised and cheesy, but I ended up having a pretty good one this year. Mostly because there were a couple of things happening that day, not really because I chose to specifically celebrate Valentine’s Day!

First up, Bison Beer was celebrating Tiny Rebel‘s 7th birthday. In the past, I’ve enjoyed Tiny Rebel’s stuff, but have sometimes been disappointed when it doesn’t actually taste much like what it says it will, which is one of my pet hates. The 7 beers on tap were collabs with some of my other favourite breweries, so I was excited to try a couple of them.


First I went for the Tiny Rebel x Neon Raptor – 4.8% Tropical Sorbet IPA. It was DELICIOUS! I was skeptical as I mentioned before about not having strong flavours, but this one was sooooo good. Teeny bit sour, strong fruity flavours coming through. I’ve never tried anything by Neon Raptor before but will definitely be trying them again soon.


The I went for the Tiny Rebel x Yeastie Boys – 8% Pomegranate & Molasses Belgian Strong. I’m not always a Belgian fan but I really enjoyed this and probably could have drank it all night to be honest.


Next we popped to Pompoko for a quick dinner. Pompoko is a little Japanese restaurant in Brighton that is IDEAL for a cheap eat. It’s just up the road from the Dome and it offers a great range of dishes. My favourite is the chicken nanban don, which is chicken marinated in a sweet and sour sauce. It’s an absolute steal at just £5.20. I also had a side of yakitori – chicken in a teriyaki sauce. This was just £2.60 and is sooo tasty.


It’s under a tenner for a main and a starter which is incredible value for such deeeelicious food. They serve extremely fast so you’re in and out quite quick, it’s not a long drawn out dinner. It’s the perfect pop in and pop out kinda place if you’ve got somewhere to be.


My place to be was Komedia for a gig – Night Flowers with support from Beezewax. I hadn’t actually listened to Night Flowers before, but my partner didn’t want to go alone so I thought why not! They’re kinda indie-pop and their music was dreamlike and almost romantic. Their enthusiasm and on-stage presence was great – despite it being a small crowd, they got everyone dancing and you could tell they were having just as much fun as everyone in the crowd. I also developed a huuuge crush on the leading lady, she has a beautiful voice, great style and she kept us all super engaged.


So that was my Valentine’s Day – pretty jam packed but mostly coincidental that I had so many plans on V Day! If you’re looking for a chilled, informal date sort of evening, I would def recommend Bison, Pompoko and some kinda gig.


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