Winning a cake from Cloud9 Brighton Review

I shamelessly enter a lot of social media competitions. Do I win many? No, of course not. Does that put me off? No, of course not!!! Well, good news gang, I finally won one!

I’ve been a big fan of Cloud9 ever since I moved to Brighton – one of their shops was close by my office. I have a big soft spot for their cookie dough brownie bars… drool. A layer of chocolate, cookie dough and brownie in a pretty decent sized slab for just £3! Sooo tasty.


They also have cupcakes, slices of cake, ice cream, hot drinks and lastly cakes! As they are made to order and can be bespoke, I had never tried one as the occasion has never come up.


The fates aligned and I won an Instagram competition held by Cloud9! I won a white chocolate and raspberry cake which looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So delicately decorated, I almost didn’t want to cut into it.


I’m not the biggest white chocolate fan but this cake completely changed that. It was sweet but slightly sour from the raspberries, with little berries baked into the bottom of the cake. The icing was so sweet and had little crunchy toppings on. It was completely delicious and I’m so glad I won that specific flavour combination, as it’s not one I would have necessarily picked myself.


Thanks so much to Cloud9 – see you soon for a cookie dough brownie!

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