A mini Brighton Pub Crawl

A couple of our friends from London who are craft beer fans decided to visit us for the day in Brighton, so we embarked on a mini Brighton pub crawl. I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos, but here’s what we got up to on the day.

First up, we went to Idle Hands. I opted for a Tangerine Dream from Fierce, as I have been really enjoying their drinks at the moment. I LOVE that they actually taste like what they say they will! Flavoured beer that doesn’t taste like anything is my pet peeve. Fierce never disappoint.

Next up, The Pond. I had a stout that was so delicious I insisted we stayed for two drinks, just so I could have another one. The Macchiato Stout by Wylam is just. SO. GOOD. Arguably one of the best stouts I’ve ever had. The flavour is full and intense but it’s still very drinkable. I think I could have kept drinking it all day to be honest.


A firm favourite of mine was up next – Bison Beer. We’ve been loyal Bison fans since we moved here and we couldn’t go on a mini pub crawl without going there. I had a Gypsy Hill Sour that was sooo tasty – sour enough that it made my face scrunch up – exactly what I want from a sour to be honest.


By this point, it was becoming necessary that we eat something. Where could be better than Easy Tiger? I’ve written about how good their food is on my blog before, but I honestly can’t sing its praises enough. I had a Yuzu sour pale ale by Elusive Brewing and KFC – Keralan Fried Chicken, Gobi Manchurian and Masala fries. Ideal food after a day of drinking! I could honestly eat their Masala fries every day for breakfast lunch and dinner – they are SO TASTY.


Our final stop on our mini pub crawl was Craft Beer Co. My favourite thing about Craft Beer Co is they often have Lilley’s Cider on tap. Lilley’s is another brewer, similar to Fierce, that make drinks that actually taste like what they say they will! The mango cider is my absolute favourite.


If you’re looking for a mini pub crawl route, I would 10/10 recommend:

Idle Hands

The Pond

Bison Beer North Laine

Easy Tiger

Craft Beer Co



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