Sushi Mania Brighton Review

Sushi Mania. How do I even begin to describe Sushi Mania???

Shockingly they serve sushi, but the best thing about it is that they do all you can eat! I’m a sushi fan, but I’m often put off because it’s so expensive. I guess sometimes, it’s because you’re paying for really good quality fish. But most of the time, I personally think it’s just overpriced.

This is why I’m such a big fan of Sushi Mania. It’s all you can eat sushi! Literally the dream. Each table gets a little menu and you fill out what you would like and how many you’d like. You can get up to six items from each side of the menu, and you get three rounds. Sounds kind of confusing right?! I think it’s easiest to look at the menu (see it here) before you go. That way, you can work out what you want to try the most and which round you get it on. To put it simply, the sheet is double sided, you can get up to 6 things in each round, and there are three rounds. I hope that makes some sort of sense!!!

It basically means you have to be clever about what you order in which round. So for the first round, go for sashimi salmon, gyu beef, king prawn tempura. Things with less carbs, so you won’t get super full.


Then in your last two rounds, go for the sushi with rice, the gyoza, the more filling items. This way, you get to taste all the delicious meat and fish without getting too full after just one round!


My favourites are the bits I mentioned above, plus the chicken katsu uramaki, the crispy duck temaki and spicy tuna hosomaki. SO. TASTY. Although to be fair, everything I’ve had there is pretty delicious.


Sushi Mania is really great value for money, but of course you know it’s not going to be the highest quality fish. Does that put me off? Absolutely not. The food is delicious and it’s excellent value simply because of the quantity you consume haha. The service isn’t amazing, you sort of have to force your order sheet on them, but hey ho. I really rate it, and I was surprised to learn it’s actually a chain, with 10 locations. I would definitely recommend it if you’re a sushi fan but you don’t want to spend a fortune.

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