Pelicano Coffee Brighton Review

Pelicano is a coffee shop on Sydney Street in Brighton that recently opened a second location, just by The Level.

They’re independent coffee roasters who as well as the cafes, offer wholesale “killer espresso and next level single origin slow brewing options”. As my partner is a bit of a coffee snob, I have become one too, and I’ve got to say Pelicano coffee is absolutely BANGIN.


We went to The Level and sat outside on a glorious spring day and it was SO. NICE. It was so warm I opted for an iced latte which was absolutely delicious. Sometimes iced coffee can be watery and not have a lot of flavour, but daaaaymmmnnn this one was excellent.


We got three cakes to share – a coconut and white chocolate flapjack, a nutella blondie and a vegan tiffin. Usually, tiffin is my absolute jam but I have to say, the nutella blondie is the winner here. I’ve never had or even heard of a blondie before this, but I am already excited to get another!!!! So creamy and delicious with the nutty nutella flavour.


The other Pelicano location isn’t too far from my office and I will 100% be going back for more iced latte’s and blondies!


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