Craft Beer Co Brighton Food Review

The first Craft Beer Co opened in Clerkenwell in 2011, but there are locations all over London, as well as one in Brighton.

I’ve been to the Brixton one a couple of times and I’m a big fan of the Brighton one. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m a big fan of Lilley’s Cider and they often have it on tap in Brighton.

I decided it was finally time I tried the food at the Brighton Craft Beer Co – Big G’s Burgers. Having seen people eating in there before, I was super keen to try the burgers. They look SO GOOD. Having tasted them, I can now confirm they taste as good as they look!


I went for the Big G’s House Classic which is a beef patty, bacon and cheddar. I’m quite traditional when it comes to my burgers – bacon and cheese is pretty much what I gravitate towards and this burger did not disappoint.


The size was great – not too big that you can’t eat it with your hands, but not too small that you’re still hungry. The burger was juicy and full of flavour. It cost £11 which I think is good value for money, considering the size of the burger and the amount of filling.

On the side, I had regular fries and I ordered the garlic and cream cheese mayo on the side which was EXCELLENT. Definitely get it for chip saucing.

Another thing I love about Craft Beer Co is the staff are super friendly and helpful. Always chatting about what drink you are ordering and offering advice. Plus, often the people I meet in there are friendly and want to have a chat, which I love! There’s nothing worse than a pub where everyone is unfriendly and avoiding eye contact. Overall, I’d say the burgers were ace and the atmosphere is great, 10/10 would eat again.

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