Nowhere Man Brighton Review

I’m legit annoyed with myself that I’ve lived in Brighton for nearly two years, just up the road from Nowhere Man, and I’ve never been in.

WHY! Why have I deprived myself from the most insane pancakes ever!!! I’m so annoyed I’ve not been going there like, every weekend since I moved here haha. I finally got my act together and tried it, hence my annoyance at myself for not going sooner!

Nowhere Man serves coffee, pancakes and bagels in a super cool setting. There’s plants, records, posters and random bits and bobs all over the place. It’s exactly how I want my future home to look!  80s vibes with lots of plants. Random furniture. It’s ace.


There’s a little garden out the back but it was a bit too chilly to sit out there when I went. Can’t wait until it’s warm enough for iced coffee and pancakes out there! One semi-hungover morning when my friend was visiting, she expressed a want for pancakes and Nowhere Man sprung into my mind. We decided to give it a go and we were NOT disappointed.

I’m a big fan of pancakes with savoury breakfast food so the All American Dream Pancakes were rightttttt up my street. The 3 fluffy pancakes came with smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, whipped cream, fresh blueberry compote and maple butter. For just £8.95. I’m OBSESSED.


Literally my dream plate of food. The bacon was super crisp and crunchy, just how I like it. The pancakes were fluffy and deeeelicious. I had an iced latte which was super tasty and the perfect pancake accompaniment.


I’m so annoyed with myself for not going to Nowhere Man sooner – bangin food, excellent décor and good coffee. What more could you want? Don’t waste any time – go immediately.

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