Wolfsmouth at the World’s End Brighton Wriggle Offer*

Wolfsmouth has launched their second burger menu at the World’s End, with a weighting towards vegan and vegetarian burgers and snacks – with seitan made in house. As soon as I spotted the offer on Wriggle* I knew I had to try it.


We went for the ‘any burger and loaded fries’ offer, which was £10.95. The value for money is excellent – a huge burger and a massive portion of fries for just a tenner is ace! I went for the Tennessee Bacon burger which was: aged beef patty, ranch, sticky onions, BBQ sauce, sticky maple bacon, cheese, and pickles. Ohhhhh boy. This was MESSY. I thought the burger might collapse with every bite, but my god was it worth it. That burger is absolutely BANGIN. My worst nightmare is a dry burger but this one is juicy, full of flavour and has lots of saucy elements. It’s excellent.


If I’m honest, I wasn’t mad on the chilli cheese fries. It was mostly chilli and not much cheese, and I didn’t love that it came in the same little basket as the burger. The actual fries were tasty, and the chilli was good, but I think next time I’d just get the regular fries. The burger was the main event for me, so the fries just didn’t do a lot.


As well as the Wriggle offer*, we also decided to try a couple of the sides. First, the mac and cheese bites. If I see mac and cheese bites on a menu, I MUST order them. It’s just the rules. The Wolfsmouth bites are quite big and chunky which I liked, as well as a tasty dipping sauce.


The honey butter fried chicken bites were the better side in my opinion. Super juicy big chunks of chicken that were fried and oily but in the BEST way, with the most delicious taste. I could eat basked after basket of those bites.


The service was… interesting. They came to check how the food was about eight million times when we were eating, and then proceeded to try and take away some of our plates and drinks before we had even finished?! Maybe they were just keen to keep tables free as it was Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t the worst service I’ve ever had, just a little to attentive and not in a good way. However, that’s got nothing to do with Wolfsmouth who just run the kitchen. They get a 10/10! The Wriggle offer* makes it affordable and I will for sure be eating there again. I can’t stop thinking about the chicken bites tbh.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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