What I’m seeing at Brighton Fringe 2019

It’s the best time of year, Brighton Fringe timmmeeeee! With a jam-packed line up and a million different things to see and do, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of some of the shows I’m seeing this year. I’m sure more will make it onto the list so stay tuned for any additions!

The Adventures of the Bearded Lady by Theodora van der Beek

“Born with a full chin of hair and a bright future ahead of her, the Bearded Lady journeys over land and sea on a quest to explore her own possibility. Having run away so many times that she arrives back at the beginning, she discovers new resolve to defy the inanity of a world that asks people to hide or change who they are.”

I’m really excited to see Theodora’s show – she’s already performed it at Camden People’s Theatre, Dumfries Big Burns Supper and it’s going to Edinburgh this year. It’s on at the Caroline of Brunswick from the 4-8th of May and it sounds ace!

Dream of a King by the Resistance Theatre Company

Dream of a King focuses on the night of Martin Luther King’s assassination, set in a Tennessee motel room. The play “allows the audience to discover the man behind the icon and to give audiences the opportunity to learn more about King’s passion, empathy, inspiration, dedication, philosophy, intellect, and vision.” It’s at the Warren on the 10th, 21st and 22nd of May.

Shit-faced Shakespeare

I have heard nothing but good things about shit-faced Shakespeare, so I figured this was the year I should finally go! Shit-faced Shakespeare features classically trained professional performers and one drunk cast member… it sounds hilarious, and from what I’ve heard, no two nights are the same. Bring it on.

It’s Problematic – Gráinne Maguire

All it took to convince me I HAD to see this show was the description – “it’s about ghosts, Irish men and why we need to forgive Taylor Swift. Come on guys, she’s been through a lot.” It sounds hilarious – and it’s free!

Northern Power Blouse

I mean, the name reeled me right in for this one. Nothern Power Blouse is a “sketch show full of heart, songs and massive, massive shoulder pads”. I’m so there. Might even by a blouse with shoulder pads just for the occasion 😉

Vaudeville of the Vulva – Laura-Doe

The description of the show made me laugh out loud, so I can only assume the actual show will do the exact same. Read this and don’t laugh, I dare you:

Ever confused a Volvo and a vulva? A G-string and a G-spot? Dripping with tongue-in-cheek humour, award-winning sex geek Laura-Doe’s canny characters and unusually vocal velvet vulvae illuminate and entertain on the fertile topic of female genitalia. Taking the baton from the Vagina Monologues, Vaudeville of the Vulva leads us, giggling and squealing, to a deeper appreciation of this much-maligned body part. The show is funny, sexy and wise, yet involves no nudity. Expect juicy jokes and lusty singalongs. Learn while you laugh!

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