The Adventures of the Bearded Lady at Brighton Fringe Review

‘I’m the Bearded Lady,
I’m fearless and I’m shady,
I’ve hair on my back and 
My muscles are stacked, 
My Adam’s apple is fully intact 
And I eat my meat with gravy!’

The Bearded Lady was created from the brilliant mind of Theodora van der Beek, aiming to challenge gender binary. It aims, it achieves, it’s ace. As quoted in the description, it absolutely does “explores the mechanics of power and privilege” – it’s hilarious but equally thought-provoking. Certain parts of it reminded me SO much of my own experiences, particularly a scene with a bald businessman… I won’t give any spoilers, but it’s funny and deep in the best combination.


During the show, the Bearded Lady journeys over land and sea on a quest to “explore her own possibility”. It leads her away from her loving partner Bear (I am laughing and cringing in my seat remembering their love affair…) to meet famous artists, to the Titanic at one point… It’s a gender-bending journey that I absolutely loved being taken on.


If you’re looking for an hour of laughs but something that will leave you thinking afterwards, this is the show for you. The commentary on society and identity is wrapped up in a hilarious story that leaves you thinking about why you laughed. I would absolutely see it again and I’m totally convinced I could rock a beard.

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