The Cloak Room Brighton Review*

The Cloak Room is a tap room launched by Cloak + Dagger Brewing. I’ve never actually had one of their beers before, but I’ve heard good things and was keen to try out the tap room!

It’s located in Kemptown which isn’t somewhere I know very well at all – but I’m trying to branch out from central Brighton and Hove actually, ha. Cloak + Dagger was founded by 3 pals from Brighton with a passion for beer and was voted Best New Sussex Brewers in 2018. At The Cloak Room, there’s always at least 5 of their beers on tap along with 7 guest additions on rotation. The design of the space is TO DIE FOR. It’s exactly how I’d decorate my house tbh – dark walls, exposed brick, lots of plants and bright art. It makes for a really nice space.


Drinks wise, I’m a sour kind of gal, so I went for the Electric Mayhem. It’s a summery pineapple sour that’s just the right amount of sour to have with a meal – I didn’t want anything toooo sour and this hit the spot – it’s only 3.6%, verrrry drinkable and v juicy. Yum.


The kitchen at the Cloak Room is called ‘Rufio’s Kitchen’ and it’s run by the guys who do the food at The Joker, We went for the Wriggle offer* (obvs) which is £9.95 for any chicken or veggie burger and a side*. The burger options available are: Nashville Fried Chicken (hot or not), Aubergine Parm (v), Fried Chicken Parm or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. The sides available are: chicken fry pickle on a stick, thudbutt baked beans, collard greens, cheesy creamed corn and krisskross fries. Ohhh baby.


I went for the Nashville Fried Chicken – not hot – and the krisskross fries and we shared a portion of the Mac and Cheese Balls and the Cheesy Creamed Corn. This burger. THIS BURGER. My god it’s good. You get a huuuuge bit of chicken thigh with hot or not sauce (I’m a wimp so not for me, but my partner said the hot was ace!) and lettuce, pickles, lime mayo in a brioche bun. The portion size is incredible, it’s one of those burgers that makes your jaw ache from trying to get your mouth as far open as possible. The chicken itself is thick, juicy and not at all greasy. It’s a really excellent chicken burger.


The krisskross fries are really good too – you get a really decent portion for your money. I particularly liked dipping them in the Wendy Buffalo sauce AND the Cheesy Creamed Corn. Don’t judge me ’til you’ve tried it yourself.

The Mac and Cheese balls come with a portion of the buffalo sauce and are super tasty dunked into it. The porn comes in a pot and is sooooo good. So so so cheesy and creamy and I could just sit and eat pot after pot to be honest. We did over order a bit – I think we would have been full with just the burger and fries but who can resist cheesy extras on a menu like this one?!


The selection of beers on tap was ace and the staff were super helpful with suggestions, giving us tasters and chatting about what they had. It felt very chill and comfortable and like talking to friends. It makes for a great atmosphere. The food is extremely good and just as we were leaving, there was a DJ setting up if that’s your sort of thing. I think whatever you wanted out of a night, you could probs get it at the Cloak Room. I’m already keen to go back and try more of the beers and food.

*This post contains affiliate links.


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