The Pipeline Vegan Food Review*

This Wriggle Burger Week, I knew I wanted to try somewhere I had never been before, and I decided on The Pipeline. I was intrigued by its vegan offering and seeing it described as a rock bar ignited my inner emo…

The Pipeline is an independent rock bar with a 100% vegan food offering, a jukebox, pinball machine and outdoor area. Upstairs, there’s a space for private parties, gigs, karaoke and more.


The Wriggle Offer* gets you any burger, hot dog or wrap and a side for just £6.95 – absolute bargain! I’m not vegan or veggie myself, but I absolutely love trying vegan restaurants and trying new foods, so I was super intrigued and excited to check out their menu. I went for the Suzi Quatro – a beef style burger with melted blue cheese, rashers, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and homemade burger sauce.


Ohhh my god. It’s a proper meaty patty – sometimes I get a little disappointed by vegan/veggie burgers as they can be a bit dry and have no texture. The Suzi Quatro is the opposite. It’s chunky and juicy and feels quite meaty to me. I’m not sure what the ingredients are, I would guess mushroom is one ingredient, but it’s the nicest vegan burger I’ve had.


I’m not usually a fan of fake bacon but the rashers in this burger are pretty good. The melted blue cheese is phenomenal, proper cheesy texture that perfectly compliments the rashers and the actual burger. I really think in a blind taste test, I wouldn’t know the cheese and the burger is vegan!


For my side, I had sweet potato fries which were deeelish and came with a super tasty vegan garlic mayo. We also had a side of onion rings and burger sauce. Damn. The burger sauce is SO GOOD.


Overall I would absolutely recommend trying the food at The Pipeline – if you’re vegan or not. The burger is a treat and I’m already keen to go back already and try the other burgers they have on offer!

Thank you Wriggle for having Wriggle Burger Week and introducing me to this amazing venue! If you want to find out more about Wriggle Burger Week, check out my blog post about it.

*This post contains affiliate links.


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