Happy Go Souvlaki at Street Diner Brighton Review

Street Diner is a weekly street food market, open every Friday from 11am to 3pm. It’s about 2 minutes’ walk from Brighton train station in the Brighthelm Gardens. Ideally located directly behind my office!

They work with “the brightest street food stars in the region, many who are award-winning” – all the food is fresh, local, and sustainable. The traders vary from bao buns to brownies to jerk chicken – whatever you’re craving, you’ll probably find it at Street Diner!

My absolute favourites include Baby Bao and The Hopping Bakery, but this Friday I decided to try something new. I was IMMEDIATELY enticed by Happy Go Souvlaki. I’ve heard of it before because it’s run by the same people as Crocus Paella, and my mouth literally started watering as soon as I saw someone walking away with one…


I went for the chicken gyros and I added halloumi because, obvs, can’t say no to halloumi. It comes in a  flatbread wrap with crocus coleslaw, onions, tomato, parsley and fries. Mate. It’s a massive portion.


You get tonnes of meat and filling, it really feels like you get your £7 worth of chicken! It’s really filling and packed full of flavour with a creamy kinda tzatziki style sauce in there. It was messy AF to eat but well worth being covered in sauce. They also had pork and a veggie halloumi one which also sounded deeelish. Happy Go Souvlaki is an absolutely bangin greek lunch tbh.


If you’re going for lunch with a group of people, Street Diner is a great option because there are soo many different choices. There’s pretty much something delicious for everyone! I am so happy to have it so close to where I work, but even if it’s a little further away for you, I really think it makes for an ace Friday lunch.

They often post which traders will be there on the day, so be sure to follow them on  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

P.S, my pal Ume the Shiba Inu was also extrrrrremely interested in the chicken… and she has high standards so, it must be good 😉



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