Life on film – July and August 2019

A little delayed in getting this film developed, but here are the snaps I took on my film camera over July and August.

First up, I went to Shura’s album launch at Resident Records in Brighton. My lovely friend Ollie had bought her album, which got him two free tickets! She did a couple from the new album as well as old faves. She wore the MOST incredible blue suit and described herself as a vaping lesbian pope. I think I looked like the heart eyes emoji only IRL for the whole thing…


Next on the film is some snaps from visiting my family in Dorset. My sister was looking after our neighbour’s crazy dog so we took her for a long walk around the river near our house. At one point she nearly dragged my sister into the water…


In my old age (is your late twenties old age???) I have developed a bit of a thing for taking pictures of flowers. I have really bad hay fever and I’ve never been interested in flowers before… but suddenly, they’re all I want to snap. I don’t know where this obsession has come from, but I’m really enjoying focusing in on one flower.


Then I went to visit my pal in Nottingham. We went for a walk in Wollaton Park – the weather was beautiful, sunny but a little chilly. It felt very autumnal, especially with all the orange crunchy leaves. The actual house is ridiculously beautiful – apparently, it was used in The Dark Knight! It’s huuuuge and beautiful.


There was a sponsored walk in the park that day, so we were worried we wouldn’t see any deer, but we finally spotted some on the golf course!!! They were chillin in a big gang, some sat down. Didn’t have a zoom lens on me so they just look like blurry blobs but I swear they are deer!


We wandered a couple of vintage shops nearby the train station, my particular fave was Hopkinson 21. It’s absolutely huge, with three floors full of little vintage stalls. I wish I had a house so I could furnish it with the kind of things in that shop.


We stopped for a quick pint – I went for a Castle Rock Brewery Sour which was SO tasty, and brewed in Nottingham.


The next day, we went to Attenborough Nature Reserve. We walked off the beers from the night before (the full English helped too…) met nice dogs, drank coffee, admired people’s boats and walked over 10k.


It was the most beautiful day! Hope ya enjoyed seeing my recent snaps from my film camera. If you’re curious, I shoot on a Canon AV1 and right now I’m using Poundland film. Yes, Poundland film! They used to do colour films with 24 exposures for just one pound! Haven’t seen them in any for a while now, but I always check as the film is surprisingly good quality.


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