Kujira Review – OctoberBEST

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is my first year trying an October Best menu. If you don’t know what October Best is, pop over to that post and find out!

Next up, I decided I wanted to try Kujira. I’ve heard good things about it from other people and knew I should take advantage of the amazing offer. As far as I’m aware it’s quite new, serving Japanese ‘izakaya’ specialising in Robata and cocktails.


Yes… I had to google what Robata is. This website told me it’s a grill restaurant that uses a slow-burning wood or coal technique without live flames. This means you get a rich, intense flavour.

To start, we had eel tempura rolls and a grilled duck taco. I don’t think I would pick eel tempura rolls so I really enjoyed tasting them as part of this menu. I will definitely be ordering them next time! The grilled duck taco was really good too, they went really well together.


Next up, mains. This included miso soup, hijiki rice and beef robata with grilled vegetables. Oh my god. I can quite confidently say this is the NICEST beef I have ever eaten in my entire life. Beef isn’t my favourite meat and it’s not very often I would choose it when I’m eating out, but I’d choose this beef every day of the week!!!


It’s melt in your mouth, fall apart on your fork kind of beef. It’s juicy and chunky, with the most incredible flavours. I could have eaten plate after plate of it! I have no idea what the flavours are, but I know they are some of the tastiest I’ve ever had. It’s a genuinely fantastic plate of food. The rice and miso soup accompanied it perfectly. I feel very lucky to have nabbed a spot for the October Best offer just because it meant I got to try this beef!


To finish, we had a scoop of ice cream. The flavour of the day was caramel butterscotch and it was the perfect sweet treat at the end of a delicious dinner.


I am so impressed by everything I had, I really can’t wait to go back and explore more of the menu at Kujira. The October Best menu was an incredible way to experience the food at Kujira, and try things I might not usually pick on a menu!

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