Cup of Joe Breakfast Review

After an unfortunate morning spent in A&E because my partner injured his ankle, we hobbled out in a foreign land… Kemptown.

Just kidding – although to be fair, we don’t know the area at all. Aside from going to The Cloakroom and a few pubs, I’ve hardly explored Kemptown at all since I moved to Brighton a few years ago.

We walked out of the hospital hungry and in desperate need of a full English. I literally had no idea where we were or what was near, so we just walked down onto the main road and hoped for the best. And the best we found!

We spotted a super cute looking cafe that shared a space with what looked like a vintage shop. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Cup of Joe is a super cute cafe nestled in the heart of Kemptown Village, which shares its space with Kemptown Trading Post. I could tell straight away I would love it – there was a range of people in there from couples to families to groups of friends, all different ages. It’s a really chilled, comfortable space with a friendly atmosphere from customers to staff.  In the summer, I imagine the tables outside are highly sought after – such a good spot to sit and watch the world go by.

The menu has a range of tasty treats from breakfasts, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and fresh seasonal salads. After however many hours in A&E, a full English was what we wanted and a full English was what we got!


It came with egg, sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, grilled potatoes and sourdough bread. It was legit perfect and exactly what we needed. The portion size was great – enough that I felt full, but not so much that I was fit to burst. My only complaint would be that it didn’t include hash browns – but the sourdough toast was a pretty good substitute.


I had an iced hazelnut latte alongside my breakfast, and it was bangin’. I’m such a sucker for flavoured syrups. The staff are super friendly and chatty and I felt very at home in there. Although as I said, I don’t know Kemptown very well, I would 100% recommend Cup of Joe for breakfast.


After we ate, my partner (hobbling) and I (walking normally) looked around Kemptown Trading Post. I could have spent a FORTUNE. The furniture in the front sections is absolutely beautiful, and one of the women told me they do deliver if you don’t have a car. I will definitely be going back when I’ve saved some pennies to snap up one of their vintage sideboards. The whole place is a treasure trove – with clothes, shoes and homeware.


I only bought one thing – this super creepy but somehow also cute china cat. What can I say, I’m a crazy cat lady at heart and I couldn’t leave this guy behind.


Cup of Joe is the loveliest little cafe and the food was delicious – and what more could you want to walk off your breakfast than a vintage shop literally steps away. Dreamy. I’ll for sure be venturing back into unknown territory to visit again.

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