Life on film – August to November 2019

Haven’t been snapping too much in the last few months as I’ve been mad busy. My main 35mm film camera is quite heavy, so I’m keeping my eye out for a new little compact camera so I can snap more easily. Here’s what I got up to from August to November!

In my last life on film post, I mentioned I had been to Nottingham and visited the Attenborough Nature Reserve. I totally forgot I finished a roll of film and started a new one while there, so there’s a couple more snaps of the beautiful walk we did that day.


Next up, a visit to The Vagina Museum!


The Vagina Museum is in the heart of Camden Market and is the first in the world. It focuses on educating people on issues like FGM, the basic science of the vagina and hosting concerts, comedy nights and plays. Sadly when I visited it wasn’t fully open, so we could only look around the gift shop. They had some fabulous bunting up which was created at a workshop they hosted. They’re having exhibitions and lots of other amazing events so I will for sure be going back for one of those.


I took this snap in my friend’s flat – I just love how much greenery there is going on, combined with the beautiful vintage table and the beefy old school TV. Interior goals.


After a night out in Brixton, my pals and I were in dire need of breakfast food. We hopped on a bus to Streatham and picked the first place we liked the look of – Brooks & Gao. It’s all wood and exposed brick walls, with cool people and their cute dogs brunching outside. In the day, it’s coffee, brunch and cakes and in the evening, it’s cheese, wine and meats. The dream.

I went for the special – a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, raclette, emental, spicy nduja sausage and rocket on sourdough. It was unreal – the spicy sausage had so much flavour but the cheese and the eggs meant it wasn’t too spicy. It was absolutely incredible.


Next, a few snaps from my Mum’s birthday weekend. Salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast followed by afternoon tea at the Chewton Glen – dreamy.


As always, shot on £1 Poundland film. Going to be gutted when I run out of it and have to pay loads for film.


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