Red Snapper Brighton Review

When we had a friend visiting recently, we wanted to go out for dinner and have Thai food – but we wanted to go somewhere new. After asking for recommendations, someone mentioned Red Snapper. We’d never heard of it, despite it being close to where we live and close to one of our favourite beer spots – Seven Cellars.

I did some investigating on the Red Snapper website and immediately wanted to try it. I really like how much they talk about the flavours and the authenticity of the food on their website. The owner, Panwad, is from generations of Thai restauranteurs and the website explains:

“…the food she puts on the table is no different than what her granddad is serving back home in the Thai fishing community of Rayong.”

I love that! I also loved reading about how every single flavour is real – no MSG, no colourings or preservatives, and nothing ever EVER from a tin. Yum.

The Red Snapper is cash-only, but there’s a cash point two minutes down the road outside Co-op. The wine and beer are bring your own! You just pay corkage. There are also lots of soft drinks if that’s more your thing.

To start, we went for the mixed platter. It came with crispy veg rolls, sesame prawn toast, honey pork ribs, chicken satay skews and spicy corn fritters. Literally, everything I want in a starter selection. The meat was packed with flavour and had dipping sauces, but I have to say, the highlight was the corn fritters. They were crunchy but soft on the inside, full of flavour and delicious dipped in the satay sauce. We shared the mixed platter between three and it was the perfect size – we got to try everything but didn’t feel too full before our mains.


We also got the special side, which was crispy hoisin duck spring rolls. These were soooo tasty but as I’m a hoisin fiend, I could have done with more hoisin sauce if I’m honest.


For mains, we had to go for the red snapper, didn’t we! It was my first time ever eating it, so I was super intrigued to see what it would be like. The red snapper fillets are crispy and flour-dusted, and you get a really hefty amount. The portion size is fantastic. You can choose between a range of sauces – I went for sweet chilli, Thai herbs and red onion.


It was DELICIOUS! Sometimes I struggle a bit with spice, but this was the perfect amount of heat so you got loads of flavour but it didn’t hurt your face. The fish was crispy and crunchy and tasted insanely good with the sweet chilli flavours. It really packs a punch – if you can’t handle a lot of spice but still want the flavours, this is the one for you. I also tried a bit of the caramelised garlic and pepper sauce and that was delicious too. I kind of want to go back and try every single sauce on the menu!


The main dishes don’t come with rice, so we ordered a couple. We went for the egg fried rice and the garlic, turmeric and sesame rice which was really tasty. The portion sizes are great – I was really impressed with how much fish was on the plate, as well as sauce and rice. I think one rice between two is enough.


The flavours were just incredible and I loved trying a new type of fish. The staff are all super friendly and it’s small but it has a great atmosphere. I’m already planning to go back and try one of everything else on the menu!

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