A new camera from Zoingimage in Brighton

I bought a new film camera, yay! I’ve wanted to get a little point and shoot for ages, just something I can chuck in my bag and snap easily on. I popped into Zoingimage on Sydney Street to have a look at what they had. They’ve got prints, frames, film, cameras, canvases – anything photography related you can think of basically!

I had a really good chat with the person behind the till. I explained what I wanted from a camera and he suggested I try the Canon Sure Shot AF-7 they had. It’s a 35mm point and shoot, it’s got a great flash and it’s pretty light and small.

I paid £25 which I thought was really good value, and it came with a case too. You get a little card with your receipt that explains that they’ve done a functional check to make sure all the mechanical and electrical functions work – but that they haven’t actually put a film through the camera. So you have 14 days from the date of your purchase to return the camera if you have any problems with your first film. How great is that! It takes away all your fears that the camera might not work or that you’re wasting money.

Thankfully, my first film did come out! I loaded it with one of my Poundland films and snapped lots of random things on a walk in Hove. I absolutely loved having it in my pocket and being able to quickly take photos of anything and everything.


I will have to get used to the way it works in different lights, how the focus works and where I can hold the camera without putting my finger over the lens… doh. But for the first film, I’m super happy with how the pictures came out.

If you’re looking to buy a new camera, the staff at Zoingimage are super helpful and chatty. If you’re looking to buy a new film camera, I would definitely recommend popping in and speaking to them about what you want.


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