What The Pitta Brighton Review

Vegan Döner Kebab felt like such a weird concept to me… before I actually ate one. To me, it was something so synonymous with drunken food, questionable meat and feeling gross afterwards. What The Pitta has quite literally turned my view of kebabs upside down!

One of their co-founders decided he wasn’t eating meat and dairy any more, so off he went with his partner in crime Roj to sample his uncle’s vegan döner. Two weeks later, What The Pitta was born! The original one was in Shoreditch, but now they have opened their doors in Camden, Croydon and Brighton too. As well as the kebab, they have other Turkish inspired treats on their menu too, describing their food as “aiming to bring a healthier and more ethical spin to a beloved British favourite”.

I decided to go for the Meal Deal 2, which includes one vegan döner or falafel wrap, a portion of chips and a can of drink or bottle of water. I went for the vegan döner which is made of: fresh bread, spiced soya pieces, mixed salad, tzatziki, homemade hummus and chilli sauce.


I would honestly go as far as saying it tasted better than a normal kebab. It was full of flavour, the sauces were delicious, the soya pieces are really meaty in texture and taste incredible. It’s pretty filling too, the wrap was really full of all the sauces and there were lots of the soya pieces in there.


The chips are bangin but mostly because they are a vehicle for the most INSANE vegan garlic mayo – again, better than the real deal. Seriously, so creamy and garlicy – they should bottle this stuff and sell it.


The Meal Deal 2 comes in at £12, which when I was paying I thought seemed kind of expensive, but I do think it’s worth it. I wouldn’t eat there every day of the week, but for a treat Friday lunch or a weekend meal I think it’s a pretty good price. You know what you’re getting is good quality, will fill you up and is supporting a small business. I’m willing to pay a little more for all of those things. I will for sure be heading back to try out the Vegan Gyros and the Mezze Box.


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