Piecaramba! Brighton Review

Piecaramba! is the brainchild of Rob Litchfield and Phil Linssen, and was born in October 2016. As well as Brighton, they have spaces in Winchester and Southampton. Their aim is to “reinvent pie and mash, dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century” and tbh, as soon as I looked at their Instagram I knew I had to go. The pies look INCREDIBLE!

Piecaramba! in Brighton is on Meeting House Lane. When you walk in, it’s like being slapped in the face by all things comic and pop culture, but in a good way. There are bits all over the walls like murals, prints, comics, references to TV shows… it’s overwhelming to the senses but in the best way possible. Before you sit down, it’s worth walking around both the downstairs and up to see all the amazing and random… stuff they have everywhere.


The menu is pretty great – there’s a wide range of meaty, veggie and vegan pies with a fair few gluten-free choices too. We went for the Piefull Tower – a two pie stack with your choice of mash, chilli minted mushy peas, cheese, shallots and gravy. The choices of mash are classic, cheesy, mustard and vegan. Obvs I went for cheesy mash.


Oh my god. My face was literally like :O when it arrived. Have you ever seen a more wonderful plate of food? I was instantly obsessed before I had even tasted anything. For my first pie, I had the Bounty Hunters Chicken Pie – free range British chicken with crispy bacon, melted cheese and barbecue sauce. Honestly, these are my dream ingredients for a pie. I died and went to pastry filled heaven tbh.


For my second pie, I went for the Blue Steel – succulent British beef steak and Cropwell bishop stilton. God damn. The sauce was creamy but not overwhelming as stilton can sometimes be – it was the perfect amount to make it tangy and tasty. Even though the two pies had completely different flavours, I kinda liked having both at the same time. Dipping in an out of each was delicious and meant the meal packed a punch.


The cheesy mash on the side was deeelish and just the right amount, not too much or too little. Same with the minted peas. The crispy onions and sprinkling of cheese on top finished it all off perfectly.


A great little touch is when you sit down, there are Top Trumps on every table – what a throwback! We had so much fun playing while we waited for our pies.


The staff are friendly and super helpful when it comes to picking a pie. Because of the way it’s decorated, the place has a really chilled vibe. It feels friendly and comfortable and I’ll for sure be going back to try some of the other pies on the menu. I would 10/10 recommend eating at Piecaramba!

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