Leaplings, listen up – free cake from Wriggle!

Sorry, but firstly, can we just talk about how cute the expression ‘leapling’ is!!! It’s the name for someone who is born on a leap year. It makes ’em sound adorable if you ask me.

As you probs know if you’ve read my blog before, I’m a big fan of Wriggle. Their offers are always bangin’, and they do the best campaigns. Their latest offering: a free birthday cake for leaplings!

Leap Years are when an extra day is added every four years… something to do with the Gregorian calendar and the earth orbiting the sun?! Anyway, this means if you’re born on a leap year, you only get an actual birthday day every four years. Boo.

BUT Wriggle is coming to the rescue for leaplings this year. They’re asking people who live in Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham or Cardiff and were born on a leap year to get in touch. You’ll have to prove you’re a leapling and where you live by sending an email to hello@getawriggleon.com

Then, Wriggle will make sure you get a birthday cake on your actual birthday! How nice is that?! Rob, Wriggle founder, said:

“We want to make sure that leaplings are treated in style this year, and we’re going to make that happen in the way we know best: food. Everyone deserves to eat a delicious cake on their birthday – and leap year babies only get the chance once in a blue moon!”

*swoon* – is this not the loveliest idea ever?! What a way to celebrate the infrequent birthday of a leapling. If you’re a leapling and based in one of the places I mentioned above, for sureeee get in touch with Wriggle for your birthday cake!

Image by C B from Pixabay

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