Cielo Cakery Brighton Review

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and you haven’t been to Cielo yet, you need to go IMMEDIATELY.

Cielo Cakery is Brighton ‘born and baked’, and is located on Church Street. As you get close, you can start to smell the sweet treats on offer, it smells incredible! They just had a big refit so now, when you walk past, you get a good eyeful of everything they have on offer. Trust me, it’s extremely hard to walk past and not end up going in.


They have a range of sweet treats on offer and always seem to be adding new offerings to their selection! So far I’ve tried the cupcakes, brownies and cookie sandwiches.

The cupcakes are AMAZING! You get loads of icing, the flavours are always really strong and you know exactly what it’s supposed to taste like if that makes sense. They always seem to have new flavours and combinations on offer, I love going in and trying something new every time! The cupcakes are really good value too, at £2.50 or £12 for six. Bargain.


One of my all-time faves is the mint aero brownie, it’s absolutely delicious. It goes perfectly with a big cup of coffee.

I have to say, my number one pick from Cielo would be the cookie sandwiches. They are honestly INCREDIBLE! Huge, gooey, filled with icing, sauces, flavours, it’s overwhelming and perfect at the same time. I had a Nutella and kinder one last time I went and it took me like two hours to eat it. They’re honestly the best thing ever, and a steal at only £3.50.


I haven’t tried one yet, but a friend had one of their brand new Freak Shakes and said it was amazing. Here’s a snap of it…


Cor. Looks like a banger, right? I can’t wait to try one. Something I really love about Cielo is that they have lots of options for different diets – gluten-free, vegan, gluten-free AND vegan – there’s something for everyone.

I’ve got my eyes on one of their cake jars next – it’s the equivalent of three cupcakes in a jar. Ohhhh mamma. I really need to try one. They’re also available for celebration cakes, wedding cakes and wholesale orders.

The staff in Cielo are friendly and chatty, more than happy to answer any questions or chat about the different flavours on offer. I absolutely love Cielo and I’ve been in pretty much once a week since it opened. I must insist you get yourself down there and try one of their treats!

Follow Cielo on Facebook and Instagram for more insane cake pictures. *drools*


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