Halisco at Temple Bar Review

With La Choza over the road, it’s hard to be tempted elsewhere for Mexican food. However, if La Choza is full or you want to try somewhere new, Halisco at Temple Bar is a pretty good option.

I don’t go to Temple Bar much if I’m honest, despite the fact I live 2 minutes away. I prefer a quieter pub with a boardgame kind of vibe, but it was Saturday night, I was craving Mexican and so I found myself trying Temple Bar’s new food offering – Halisco.

Halisco is Mexican streetfood that is in the kitchens at a fair few pubs in Brighton. You can find them at The Victory Inn, Signal Man, The Freemasons Tavern and Temple Bar. I couldn’t find much info about them online but it looks like they have, or used to have, their own restaurant. Not sure if they still do.

I was hangry and hungover and pretty excited by the Halisco menu to be honest. I decided to get a portion of loaded nachos and some crispy fish tacos. The nachos came with beef and homemade nacho cheese.


Hot fucking damn. These were some fucking great nachos! The portion size is massive, I thought it would be smaller but it was pretty big. The beef is deeelish and there’s loads of gooey cheese. They aren’t really spicy but they are packed with flavour.


The fish tacos wee crispy haddock and came with spicy chipotle mayo, salsa, slaw and pico de gallo. The tacos were nice… but they didn’t blow my mind. They were kinda awkward to eat, the taco wasn’t really big enough to contain everything so it was really messy. The haddock itself was nice but I would have liked it a bit crispier. I felt like there was A LOT of salsa and slaw and it overpowered the fish.

IMG_20200215_190052IMG_20200215_190136 (1)

Tbh the nachos were the absolute highlight for me. I’d go as far as saying they’re some of the yummiest nachos I’ve had in Brighton. The tacos were ok and my friend had a burrito that looked good. As pubs in Brighton go, it’s not the best food offering I’ve tried, but it’s not bad value for money and it’s tasty. I’d give it a solid 7/10. Most of those points go to the nachos.


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