What to see at Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe 2020

It’s officially nearly my favourite time of year – Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe, eeeeeeee! I thought I’d give you a rundown of what I’ve booked so far and what I’m keen to see.


I saw Travis Alabanza at Brainchild Festival last year and fell head over heels in love. After someone threw a burger at them and shouted a transphobic slur, Travis became obsessed with burgers. The show explores how trans bodies can survive and how we can address our own complicity. It’s a must-see show.

Brighton Big Drag Pageant 2020

How have I never been to this before?! The Big Drag Pageant is back at the Spiegeltent with kings, queens and in-betweens sharing the stage for a night. It’s described as “inclusive, radical and hella creative” and I honestly cannot waaaaait.

Gals Aloud

Anything Girls Aloud themed is a winner in my book. Gals Aloud are the ultimate drag tribute who’s show features the big hits, the solo singles, the hilarious TV appearances and more. I just know it’s going to be fabulous and hilarious.

The Warren Launch Night

Not technically a show, but I loovveeee hanging out at the Warren. Whether it’s to see a show or to have a drink or some food, the Warren is my favourite place during the fringe season. There are often fireworks on the opening night and it always has a great atmosphere.


The Fannytasticals: The Climax

Yes, yes it was the name that drew me into this one. The description says it’s Brighton’s favourite five-star fannies with songs, skits and sketches to “take you over the edge and leave you screaming for more” … Sign me up.

Musical Q.U.E.E.F. (Queer, Exhausted and Extra Fabulous)

I knew this was a show I wanted to see when I read this in the description: “they’ve got chronic conditions and no inhibitions!” … A mood.

Still Fat! Still Single!

According to Miss Sasha Blaze, it’s not all glitz and glamour being a drag queen. This show is an insight into her life and a chance to hear about all the moments that made her “the bitter old cow” people have come to know and love.

The Gay Sex Guide for Straight People

“What’s a douche, if not an insult? How do you recharge your power bottom?” … Is there any gay sex ed? Nope. Should there be? Um, yes, fucking hell!?!!? I’m off to learn about it with Soho Theatre Young Company’s Paul Moore at this show.

Bad Influencers

After a stint working in influencer marketing (whatever that means) I am v intrigued by this show. Here’s the description of the show:

When an Australian yoga teacher meets a French-Iranian actress, you get a melting pot of healthily unhealthy comedy. Mischievous well-balanced comedians recount their countless sober mistakes.

With degrees in sociology and global communications, they’re all-round bad at social media. Bad influencers. Anoushka Rava’s multiculturalism gives her a unique outlook on various subjects: travels, work, ethnicity… Hannah Brissenden moved to the UK for the weather and the affordability. She is up-and-coming, like Zone 4, in London.

I’m in.

I’ll be posting about everything I see on social media, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram for more recommendations. When I’m not at shows, I’ll obvs be drinking at The Warren. See you there!

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