The Flour Pot Bakery pizza dough review

The Flour Pot Bakery is one of my faaaavourite places in Brighton. It does the best bread, donuts and coffee and I really miss being able to hang out there or pick things up to take home.

I was sooo excited when I heard they are doing home delivery as well as click and collect! It’s available 7 days a week and they just need 48 hours, and they’ll do the rest. Most of the usual stuff they sell is on there, as well as lots of essentials like milk and eggs.

We decided we wanted to try and make our own pizzas but to be honest we didn’t really know where to start. Enter the pizza kit for two! It comes with:

  • Pizza dough x 2
  • Mozzarella x 2 or you can change it to vegan mozzarella
  • Pizza sauce
  • A small pot of herbs
  • A small pot of flour


You can also add extras like sliced salami and spreadable salami. Yum. I picked ours up from the Seven Dials location, it was ready 48 hours after I ordered. I went for salami, chorizo and prosciutto on mine – along with the ingredients the kit came with. My partner had olives, anchovies and capers on his.


Tbh, I was kind of expecting it to come with instructions or tips or something. It didn’t have any guidance, but I put a call out on social media and had lots of recommendations from people. We ended up cooking it by turning our oven up to it’s full temperature with the baking trays in there. We don’t have pizza trays so our pizzas had to be rectangle shaped, ha. Once it reached full temp, we took the pans out, sprinkled some of the flour on, and popped the pizzas in. We put the oven down to 220 and checked on them every couple of minutes. 

The pizzas were ready after 10 minutes in the oven. I am so impressed by how they turned out! Super tasty and exactly like the kind you’d get in a pizza restaurant. I’m chuffed, especially after I had a minor freak out when I realised there wasn’t any instructions.


My top tips would be make sure you put the baking trays in the oven to heat up, and make sure you drain the mozzarella properly so you don’t get any watery stuff on your pizza.


I am super impressed with this pizza kit and will definitely be using it again. It’s £12 for the kit, which is great value for money. I reckon even without any extras, just the mozzarella on there would be tasty. If you’re looking for a lil lockdown treat, I’d definitely give the pizza kit a try!

Visit the Flour Pot Bakery website here and order ya pizza kit here.


One reply to “The Flour Pot Bakery pizza dough review

  1. Oh wow that is such a good idea. I live at Seven Dials too so I will look out for these next time I’m going part The Flour Pot. I really admire how they have found creative ways to keep going in the current situation.


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