7Bone Burger Co Hove Review

7Bone serves American comfort food like biiiig burgers, hotdogs and loaded fries. It’s got a pretty chilled vibe during the day there was families and kids in there. They also have some deeelish sounding cocktails so I reckon it’s got a completely different feel in the evening.

The menu is overwhelming in that I literally wanted to order every single thing on it. In the end, I got the “red basket meal deal” – any main and dirty side for £12.95. What an offer! Such good value for money given the amount of food you get.

For my burger, I had the donnie j trump. This included an american cheese stuffed patty, deep fried pizza cheese burger relish and wotsits. Yes, wotsits. Crumbled on top. GENIUS. How have I never had wotsits crumbled on my food before??? It’s an excellent addition.

The burger is meaty and juicy and has an epic flavour with the pizza cheese and burger relish. It’s messy, but it’s 10/10 worth it. I’m already pretty keen to go back and try some of their other burgers.

For my “dirty side” I went for baldelli fries, which came with garlic butter mayo, parmesan, and truffle oil. Literally my dream fries. The best fries I’ve had… ever? I can’t think of any fries that I enjoyed more. I’m obsessed.

We ordered sides, which we absolutely didn’t need to, but I am so glad we did. We got frickles and halloumi fries. They were both sooo tasty but I have to say, the frickles are the winners for me. They came with a delicious blue cheese dip and you got a really decent amount of them for the price.

If you’re into big portions and american style food, 7Bone is the place for you. The red basket offer is seriously good value for money and I think the portion sizes are great. I’m already daydreaming about what I want to try when I go next.


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