The best recipes we’ve cooked in lockdown

If I was trying to find a positive in all of these lockdowns, for us, it would be how much more time we’ve had to focus on cooking. We’ve spent a lot more time looking for new recipes, trying new types of food and learning new styles of cooking. Here’s the best things we’ve tried!

Huevos Rancheros

When you can’t go to brunch, bring brunch to you. This huevos rancheros recipe from BBC Good Food is super simple and quick to make. Would 10/10 recommend adding crispy onions and cholula hot sauce.

Click here for the recipe

Sausage and Egg McMuffin

Lockdown hangover? Close UberEats. This is the cure. Would I go as far as saying it’s better than an actual maccies breakfast? Maybe. It’s that good.

Click here for the recipe

Cheesy Prawn Canapes

These are somewhat famous in my family as once, they were served at a dinner party and mistaken for having been bought from M&S… They’re delicious, feel decadent but aren’t actually that expensive to make, and jazz up any lockdown weekend.

Click here to download a photo of the page from a cookbook. Old school I know.

Fish tacos

My partner got the Nopalito book as a birthday present and everything we’ve cooked from it has been incredible. The best has to be fish tacos marinated in adobo. The tacos have a heat but they aren’t too spicy, and you service with warm tortillas, onions, coriander and tomatillo salsa. It’s increeeeedible.

Buy the Nopalito book

Vegan meatballs – IKEA style

These take a bit of time to make, chill and bake but they’re soo worth it. Especially when you’re a bit bored in lockdown, it’s nice to have something to focus on. It’s totally vegan and the sauce tastes just like the IKEA one!

Click here for the recipe

Flour Pot Bakery pizza dough

Special mention to the Flour Pot Bakery pizza dough kits – I wrote a full review of those already, but it was so good I thought I should include it here too.

Read my post about the Flour Pot Bakery pizza dough


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