Fika Brighton Review

Fika is one of those places I always see on Instagram and think “I really should try there” but never end up going. Luckily, this bank holiday Monday, we ventured out for brunchy breakfasty food and Fika absolutely blew us away. Extremely regret not going sooner.

Fika is a breakfast and brunch spot with food from Cracked and coffee from Back Yard Coffee. They service organic grilled fried egg sandwiches – but there is a vegan option too. The menu is kind of overwhelming because literally everything sounds so delicious…

In the end, I opted for the YES JA’AM: fried egg, chorizo patty, Monterey jack, double crispy bacon, house chilli jam, burger sauce and smashed avo. Oh my gaaahhhdddd.

It was absolutely UNREAL. Spicy but not too much heat, lots of sauce and flavours that all blend together sooo well. I wasn’t hungover but I can imagine basically anything on their menu healing a hangover pretty quickly.

It’s a decent size burger and it’s ace knowing all the ingredients are local and it’s all a collaboration of Brighton businesses.

I will absolutely be going back because the Hide & Squeak is calling my naaame!!!

Find out more about Fika here.


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