Shit-Faced Shakespeare at the Warren on the Beach | Ad

The tickets were kindly gifted but all shit-faced loving opinions are my own.

One of my faaaaavourite things about Brighton Fringe is the Warren. I basically set up camp there in the summer and I’ve missed it sooo much. As per, I loved spending time there when fringe was on, but I was so happy when they announced they were opening the Warren on the Beach!

Much like the usual Warren, it’s free to go in and have a drink even if you aren’t seeing a show. There is often free bits popping up, but the actual shows took place in the venue called The Oil Shed, inside of the Warren on the Beach. There’s multiple bars and places to eat, it’s such a lovely place to spend the evening. My fave is the plane bar, it looks awesome!

My absolute highlight of the Warren is ALWAYS Shit-Faced Shakespeare. It’s SO fun – if you haven’t been, basically they do what it says on the tin. They perform Shakespeare, and one of them is shit-faced…

They shorten the play down to an hour and it’s classically-trained professional performers… but one is drunk. The one who is drunk changes each night so I have loved going multiple times and seeing a completely different performance every time! Even if you don’t know the Shakespeare play super well it’s still such a laugh watching them try and get through it. There are hidden surprises too that I won’t spoil, but here’s a hint… they involve the performer getting more drunk on stage…

It’s always soo much fun and a completely different experience every night. The ticket price is super reasonable and it is ALWAYS my highlight of The Warren so I’d 10/10 recommend you go. I’m already excited for next year tbh.

Find out more about The Warren

Find out more about Shit-Faced Shakespeare


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