Brainchild Festival 2019

Brainchild Festival is arguably one of my favourite places in THE WORLD.  It’s a three-day festival just outside of Lewes and it celebrates creativity, bold ideas and a DIY spirit. It’s a truly inspirational, warm, open and relaxed space. The program is packed with live music, DJ sets, talks, workshops, films, theatre, installation art and more.

I had the most incredible three days soaking it all in and decided to snap some photos on my film camera. Most of the photos are of the incredible installation artists at the festival, I’ll include links if you want to see any more of their work.


The ‘sadbags’ by Kavitha Balasingham.

CNV00011CNV00012CNV00013‘Brain Blub’ by iiish.

CNV00014‘Homage to the playground’ by Natalie Seo.


‘Illogical Land’ by Molly Smith.

CNV00017CNV00019‘Sail shades’ by Cathy Van Hear


‘Drift off’ by Eat Your Own Hands

CNV00021‘Homage to the playground’ by Natalie Seo.


‘Illogical Land’ by Molly Smith.


‘I tread on air and contemplate the sun’ by Klaus and Joe.


Find out more about Brainchild here:


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