Brighton Tap Takeover


This weekend saw the third annual Tap Takeover take place in Brighton. With 18 incredible breweries across 15 pubs, there was DJs, live music, tastings and talks. We got involved from Thursday to Sunday – here’s what we got up to…


Thursday night we decided to head to the brewery we were most excited about – Verdant. We headed to The Pond – an already firm favourite of mine – and first up, I tried Neal Gets Things Done. It’s a 6.5% IPA that I found really easy to drink, and really enjoyed.


Next, I had a “Even Sharks Need Water”. If I’m being honest, I found it a little more difficult to drink. I was kind of jealous of Connor who had Pulp, which I liked a lot more.


On Friday we headed to the Earth and Stars, a pub in Brighton I had never been to. North Brewing Co was on tap here, and I decided to try a Kurious Oranj. A 6% IPA which I enjoyed drinking, but couldn’t overly taste the citrus flavour.



I’d never heard of the brewery that was at the Hope and Ruin – we mostly headed there on Saturday because I wanted to try the food!! They have a completely vegan menu, it’s kind of like vegan junk food. I had a tofu hotdog with mac and cheese and ‘bacon’ on top, and it was SO. GOOD. The brewery was First Chop – who are “leading the way in gluten free craft beer production”. I tried the JAM Mango Pale which was the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

Next, we headed to Dead Wax Social for Wylam. Connor is already a fan of Wylam, and I’m a fan of Dead Wax Social so I had high expectations. I had a half pint of Hickey the Rake, a Limonata Pale. It was quite sour but almost sweet too, and I really liked it. I’m glad I had a half as I’m not sure I would have managed a whole pint.


Last but not least, we headed to The Mash Tun. It has a great outdoor seating area and so even though we didn’t know the brewery, One Mile End, we decided to give it a go. I decided to try the Blood Orange Wheat Double IPA. At 7.4%, I decided to just go for a half pint. To me, it tasted quite strong and it took me a while to drink, but I really enjoyed the flavour.


There was the option to buy a wristband, which gives you 4 half pints of beer from Tap Takeover brewers plus £1 off each pint you buy. We decided not to buy a wristband but next year, I definitely would. We tried breweries and pubs we’ve never heard of, and for that reason I’d consider it well worth doing.

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