Dexter’s Cafe Brighton Review

In my new job, I get a “wellness hour” once a week. It’s an hour to spend doing something that will improve your wellbeing, and recently I decided to get myself a nice coffee and read a book.

I was strolling through the lanes and decided on Dexter’s, which I had never been to before. Dexter’s is a family run cafe in the heart of the city with the CUTEST interiors – which is what initially drew me in. There are potted plants, dried and fresh flowers, exposed brick walls and bunting, it’s such a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

They serve breakfasts and lunches that are healthy, but still super tasty. On this occasion, I went down the slightly less healthy route…


I had a vegan hobnob donut. Oh. My. God. If that doesn’t improve your wellness I don’t know what will! Ha. It was rich and sweet and indulgent and I LOVED IT. I had a latte and read my book and I felt soooo relaxed and refreshed afterward.


The menu for breakfast and lunch looks really tasty – I can’t wait to go back and try more from the menu!

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