The Bok Shop Brighton Review

The Bok Shop is a free-range fried chicken restaurant in Brighton. Although obvs the menu is mostly focused on chicken, they also have a surprising amount of other options. This includes their entire burger menu but veggie or vegan! You’d think it would be pretty limited to meaty stuff, but I guess it is in Brighton after all…

I’ve been a couple of times but was holding out on writing a review until I tried The Bossman. Oh good lord. This is the best chicken burger in Brighton. Tbh, it’s the best chicken burger I’ve ever had probably.

From top to bottom, it features BOK BBQ sauce, lettuce, cucumber, the first thigh fillet, cheese, the first hash brown, a second thigh fillet, more cheese, a second hash brown and then more BOK BBQ sauce. It’s a beast.


My mouth is literally watering looking at these photos. I can’t even begin to describe HOW GOOD this burger is. The BBQ sauce is sweet and tangy. The chicken thighs are thick, juicy and crunchy. The hash browns are carb heaven. The cheese is oozing and melting all throughout. I honestly can’t stress enough that this is the best chicken burger I’ve ever had. In my entire life. It’s literal perfection in burger form.


For sides, my partner and I shared ‘Frickles’ – panko crumbed pickled cucumber and ‘Put The Peelers Out’ – smoked malden salt seasoned fried potato skins. If I’m honest, I didn’t think the portion of Frickles was very big for £4, but they taste banging. The potato skins were SO GOOD – I didn’t really want a portion of chips because the burger is so enormous, but the potato skins are the perfect substitute. Crunchy and the perfect vessel for the Bok Burger Sauce – which is also damn good.


Don’t be put off by The Bok Shop appearing to just be chicken. It’s got so much more than that – I think you could pretty much take anyone there and they’d be happy. Vegans and veggies have loads of options and the range of sides would keep anyone happy. Best chicken burger in Brighton and the best option if you have a group of pals getting together. There’s something for everyone.


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