Yamino Brighton Pizza Review

The little space over the road from our flat has been a few different things – including restaurants and at one point it was a Christmas tree shop… random! We’ve been watching it be transformed into a really fresh, new space for the past few months. On the 20th of June, it finally opened! Yay – we finally got to try Yamino.

Yamino is a new pizza place on Montpelier Place, serving specifically Roman pizza. I got so excited about the slices and toppings that I forgot to ask what Roman pizza actually is. A quick google tells me that Roman pizza is known for its thin crust and raised edge.

At Yamino, you buy pizza by the slice. We originally thought it would be the usual full pizza, but I’m really excited that it’s by the slice. Lots of it’s established competitors don’t really offer grabbing a quick slice on the way past, so I think Yamino will be perfect for those occasions. We grabbed a few slices each and took them to the park, which was perfection. I can imagine doing the same for the beach, or perhaps when I’m wandering home from the pub and can’t be bothered to cook – grabbing a few slices of pizza would be PERFECTION in those times. They also have a great range of vegan, veggie and meaty options so it would suit the whole gang. The slices are between £2.40 and £3.80 so super good value and budget-friendly.


When it came to choosing which slices to try, I was kind of overwhelmed and immediately wanted everything. I eventually settled on the patate e cipollina – agria potato, onion, chive oil and chives. Oh. My. God. I’ve had potato on pizza before – but not like this. It’s basically like fancy crisps on a pizza. Like a fancy crisp sandwich with pizza dough. OBSESSED. The chives and chive oil are deeeelish and despite it being carbs on carbs, it wasn’t too heavy.


For my second slice, we tried the funghi – mozzarella base, shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms and chervil. I’m a big mushroom on pizza gal so this was heavenly for me. Did I know what chervil was when I ordered? Nope. Did I think it was delicious and google it to learn more? Yes. Yum.


We went meaty for our third slice with the salsiccia e friarelli – a mozzarella base with fennel sausage, friarelli and pickled fennel. We LOVE fennel so this was a big winner for us. Full of flavour with generous toppings. Winner.


Overall, I’m really excited to have Yamino so close to us. It’s going to be perfect for the occasions I mentioned above – park, beach, post-pub snack… I love being able to buy a few different slices and the fact it has options for everyone. Didn’t spot anything gluten-free, but perhaps that’s in the pipeline for them. After writing this, I’m craving more crisp potato on pizza so I’ll definitely be heading there this weekend.


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