Billie’s Cafe Brighton Review

I’m happy to admit I felt a little worse for wear this New Years Day after copious amounts of rum the night before. I woke up in dire need of carbs and cheese for breakfast – and the place I knew would satisfy my cravings was Billie’s!

Billie’s Cafe is without a doubt the best breakfast in Brighton. It’s a family run cafe a few streets up from Western Road, tucked on a corner. It’s super small, but it’s very cosy and has a really nice atmosphere. There’s often a big queue outside, so if you don’t fancy waiting then go at an off peak time. I left around 2pm today and it was much quieter than when I arrived.

Billie’s is famous for its generous portions and hash brown breakfasts. They use local sources for their meat and eggs, but they also have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan meals.


I went for the Egg Swiss, which is three poached eggs on a bed of homemade hash browns topped with grilled cheese. Literally everything I want in a breakfast and more! I added hollandaise sauce to mine because I love it and I’m greedy… it was absolutely DELICIOUS! An extremely generous portion that practically cured my hangover. The hash brown is cooked to perfection and it kept me full until dinner. If you’re less of an avocado on toast and more of a carb loader (like me!) Billie’s is the place for you! It cost £8.10 which is great value for a huge plate of food in a family run cafe.


The atmosphere is fun and friendly – you might end up sharing a table with other people but it’s full of lovely people. The staff are chatty and helpful and honestly, it really does live up to its reputation. Billie’s is the best breakfast in Brighton fosho.

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