Crunch & Co Brighton Review*

One of my colleagues has been mentioning Crunch & Co constantly recently, saying it’s the best lunch option near our office. As always, what eventually swung me to go was spotting an offer on Wriggle*. I think ‘offer on Wriggle’ must be one of my most used sentences on this blog!

Crunch & Co are new on Church Street, offering artisan grilled sandwiches and killer soup. There’s a big range of fillings for the sandwiches from slow-cooked vegetables to marinated meat. Plus gooooey cheese! *drools*


I went for the lunch offer which was a grilled sandwich, crisps and a drink for £5.95. All the options are vegetarian, so if you’re looking for a meaty grilled sandwich, this isn’t the offer for you. I went for the Mushroom CRUNCH – mushrooms, oregano, bechamel sauce and a cheese mix. Literally, what is better than a delicious grilled cheese for lunch?!


So gooey, stringy and cheesy – exactly what I wanted! It was filling, but not in the kind of way that means you have to neck coffee all afternoon at work to stay awake. Filling but didn’t make me tired.


The addition of drinks and crisps made it feel like a fancy meal deal ha – I even said to my partner, spending a few extra quid means you get this delicious grilled sandwich plus the extras. I’m never getting a supermarket meal deal again!  If you work nearby, I must insist that you try Crunch & Co’s Wriggle offer*, or even just one of their sandwiches. I’ve got my eye on the slow-cooked beef brisket for next time.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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